The Incredible Adventures Of Professor Warped

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Hi, I'm Alisha, I am a miniature artist and book publisher based in the UK. I am just about to publish my first miniature book. It is called the "Incredible Adventures Of Professor Warped" - a fantasy story for children, which is in two parts and is being offered for sale as a set. This is not like most miniature books on the market today, as it is NOT a miniaturised version of an already published book. It is an actual story that is being published initially for the miniature fantasy market. A world first! :)

This miniature book is part of a series of stories that will be published worldwide as full-sized books at a later date.

The miniature books measure just 2.8cm high by 2cm wide, and have a 6mm width spine. They have beautiful gloss-finished dust covers. The quality of the print is such that you may just be able to read the story with a good magnifying glass, but I wouldn't recommend doing so, to protect your eyes. :)

Each of these hard-backed books will be printed and hand-finished in the UK. At the time of writing, the book's pages have been delivered to me. Here they are, fresh from the printers...

We are now just waiting for delivery of the dust covers, and then we can start getting the books ready for release.

This book set will cost £17.98, plus postage & packing. Your postage costs will depend on your location.

This set of beautiful books is a must for any miniature collector or dolls house enthusiast. If you are interested in pre-ordering this set of two books, then please use the form available below to do this. If you have a trade enquiry for this book set, then please use the contact form to state your interest, telling us where in the world you are.

Please keep checking back on this landing page for updates on the official launch. If you pre-order your copies via the form below, then we will let you know via email as soon as the book is released, and then you can come back to this website to complete your purchase at that time.

If we get enough interest, then we will also be bringing out a larger, 2.8 inch, readable version of this book in the not to distant future.

I hope that you find something of interest to you. If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact me.

Please also check out my FAQ page to see if any question you may have for me has already been asked before.

Please Note: These products are for miniature book collectors only. They are not toys to be played with by children.

Thank you for your interest in my books.

Alisha xxx

Book Synopsis

What follows, is a snippet from the actual story itself...

The year is 3003 and the Earth has become a desert - a barren and desolate place to live. The surface has become uninhabitable due to the choking poisonous air and therefore Man now lives underground in vast subterranean bunkers. Long-abandoned buildings and roads have replaced the lush green fields. There are no trees, as they have all been cut down. Nearly all of the rivers have dried up, and the ones that do still survive are polluted with toxic waste.
The oceans are devoid of life, as they have been fished out of existence. The ozone layer is all but gone while all of the animals have long since perished. No bird sings. No fish swim. Who is to blame for all of this destruction? I hear you cry. One man, and his name is Nemesis. He has ruled the minds of Man and the Earth for many years, stripping from it all of its natural resources, until the well literally ran dry...
But it had not always been like this, as up until 2803 the Earth resembled Paradise, a veritable "Garden of Eden", where all living things existed in harmony with one another. At the helm in those wonderful days were two brothers, who had been elected by the people of Earth to act as advisors and guides as to how the Earth's resources should be used wisely. For many years this arrangement worked beautifully, until one of the brothers started wanting to do things in a more destructive way. That man's name, was Nemesis...
With his brother vehemently opposing all of his suggestions, Nemesis decided that the only way he was going to take control was to dispose of his brother once and for all, and he therefore devised an evil plan to get rid of him... Using a device that he had secretly created called a Demoleculizer, Nemesis dematerialised his unsuspecting brother's physical body, before trapping his mind like a genie in a bottle inside a walk-in computer. With this wicked deed rendering his brother helpless, Nemesis was then free to unleash his evil plan onto the Earth. But still he was not satisfied...
With the machine that Nemesis had used to trap his brother being the only means by which he could be freed, the evil one dismantled his device and sent each if its components back into different time zones in the Earth's past, thus making sure that his benevolent brother was ensnared in his computerized hell forever. With his righteous sibling out of the way, Nemesis, with the help of a mysterious ancient machine which had been found during an archaeological dig, took control of the minds of man, and, over time, reduced the Earth to the desert that it is today.
But, have no fear, dear reader, all hope is not lost, as unbeknown to Nemesis, deep beneath the bowels of this now barren Earth in his secret laboratory hides a renegade scientist with good intent in his heart. His name is Professor Warped, the son of the righteous brother and nephew of Nemesis, who, along with his loyal companions, has embarked on a mission with two objectives:

1) To retrieve all of the components of the Demoleculizer from Earth's past, in order to put it back together and ultimately free his long-suffering father from his electronic prison.

2) To put right all the wrongs of Nemesis and turn the Earth back into the beautiful planet that it once was...

How will he attempt to achieve this almost impossible feat? I hear you ask. Well, by using the art of inter-dimensional time warping. We join the professor and his friends in their underground laboratory, just as they are about to embark on yet another of their adventures. But before we let them leave, let's get to know them a little better...

The Characters

Professor Warped - A mild-mannered, eccentric fellow from the future, the professor has dedicated his life to freeing his father and reversing the wrongs of his archenemy - his uncle and evil despot, Nemesis.

With the help of his news machine, time portal cupboard and his quantum computer known as the Warpolator, he is able to warp time and space, enabling him and his friends to go back into the past and find the components to the Demoleculizer, as well as averting environmental catastrophes on Earth before they ever happen...

Dwane - A very friendly half-man, half-cat from the future, Dwane became the professor's most loyal friend and bodyguard after being saved by him on one of his many other adventures.

Dwane makes sure that the gang stay safe when on their missions, and side by side with the professor, now traverses the realms of time and space, hunting down pieces of the Demoleculizer device.

E.B.E.1, AKA "Dave" - The only survivor of the infamous Roswell crash of 1947, E.B.E.1 was later rescued by the professor on one of his many adventures.

His name stands for "Extraterrestrial Biological Entity #1" - a name given to him by his captors. However, the professor decided to give him a much less clinical name, and settled for Dave...

Dave loves strawberry ice cream and has developed a passion for roller skating since his new found freedom...

Kenny Small - Kenny, our main character in this adventure, is a small, timid, introverted boy who is picked on at school due to his academic achievements and appearance. Due to his 'mad scientist' hair and thick-rimmed glasses, his classmates have nicknamed him 'Einstein'.

To the utter despair of his parents, Kenny spends most of his spare time in his bedroom building robots and programming his computer. However, his real dream is to make music and become a pop star.

Mr Flash - owns a multi-national record company. He swans around in big cars, wearing full length fur coats, has gold rings on every finger and it seems that he has a cigar permanently fixed to his mouth.

He is a nasty piece of work who uses underhanded tactics to get what he wants, and usually succeeds. Will he in this story? We will have to wait and see...

C.O.L.I.N - a secret agent from the future. What does this mean? Read on to find out...

Well, that's the introductions out of the way, and now it seems that the professor and his friends are ready to start their mission.

"Are you ready C.O.L.I.N? Good. Anti-gravity wave amplifiers calibrated and synchronized. Warpolator plugged in. Countdown to inter-dimensional transmission commencing. 5-4-3-2-1 - SEND!"

Join us now as we embark on a journey of discovery with the professor and his friends. A journey, back into time...

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