How Do I Order Products From You? +
Please contact me by useing the link underneath the image of the item you are interested in. I will get back to you ASAP
Is my sale private? +
Yes. Only you and I will know what items you have purchased.
How do I pay For My Order? +
Depending on the amount owed, you might be asked to pay using Paypal for smaller amounts, and by cheque for larger amounts.
Can I pay using a credit card, debit card or bank transfer? +
Only if your order value is relatively small, and you pay via Paypal. All larger orders must be paid by cheque.
Once you receive payment from me when will I get my items sent out to me? +
Your goods will sent out to you as soon as your payment has cleared.
What are the delivery charges for my items? +
You will be charged according to the weight and value of the contents of your order. All orders will go out by a tracked and insured service.
Do you sell to people who live outside of the UK? +
Yes, but you will be fully responsible for all delivery charges, which will include full insurance costs.
Will I be able to reorder any of the items that I buy from you? +
All of my products have been hand-made by me over the course of 50 odd years, and are therfore not mass produced. Also, alot of them are one-offs. I might later decide to put some of my designs on the market, but that is not in my immediate plans. But you are welcome to buy as many of my products as you wish.
Regarding the individual items you display, can I request two of the same thing? +
If the item in question is not OOAK, then yes, you can request more than one of the same item, stock permitting of course.
Regarding sizes. What scale are the items you are offering? +
Although I primarily work in 12th scale, I also have many works in 24th and 48th scale as well. All products that I offer for sale will have the size mentioned in the description shown with the individual pictures.
What is the condition of these items as they have been packed away for many years? +
All the items offered in this sale are in new as made condition. They have been packed well and kept in dry conditions, and checked every two years. They are in pristine condition.
I Have A Different Question... +
Any other questions? Then please feel free to contact me.